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Meeting Her

Meeting Her

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I'm not a Mexico. By tardismaniac16 Updated Mar 13

Tori Brian was your ordinary 17 year old girl at a local public school. She was an all A student and participated in a few sports. She had a best friend, like any other romance novel on Wattpad, and a boyfriend who wasn't really that great. All in all, Tori was basically the stereotypical white girl in all books (unless it's a nerd that falls in love with a bad boy kind of book because there seems to be a lot of those nowadays).

Which leads us to Kaylee, who is the stereotypical shy girl that meets Tori. Kaylee Johnson was the kind of person who doesn't really do anything. She didn't do sports or have any hobbies. She never talked that much and doesn't really have any friends. 

When these two meet, a whole new world of possibilities open up, drama starts, and crap goes down.

I happen to love learning about all those dead people they're much more interesting then the people I go to school with
AnnysaSydireReed AnnysaSydireReed Jul 11, 2016
Honey me to I can't take waking up  I love sleep and sleep loves me
Jitsuuko Jitsuuko Nov 07, 2016
This is the first time I'm turning off comments for a story, wish me luck. D:
Cybermime Cybermime Aug 01, 2016
What if tori spontaneously died during school her mom would be wrong
Swaggers03 Swaggers03 Aug 28, 2016
Really you were surprised that a LARGE math room 
                              Had math posters on the walls wtf was your last math room filled with quotes from hamlet
- - Sep 18, 2016
I love how in the summary the author just acknowledging how stereotypical the book was. She just skipped the crap and got to the point. I have a feeling I'm gonna like this book.