Cross; Lachlan Power

Cross; Lachlan Power

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In which a girl and a guy would travel the world for each other, and a girl does cross oceans for him.

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the story and plot line belong to me. please do not steal them. some of the characters themselves do not belong to me, but i high key wish they did. please respect my ownership to this book, thanks:)

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Wdwshouldfuckme Wdwshouldfuckme Jul 25, 2016
Sarah,  brown,  brown, my black love short, red LadyPointless and LadyPointless
Bear_Queen_333 Bear_Queen_333 Mar 07, 2017
I'm just gonna use my Tumblr name for the Yt and Twitter (Tumblr name is SydneyTheMagicalOne)
quintessentialmike quintessentialmike Mar 18, 2016
Oh I see the confusion in this XD! Sorry it was Jerome and Mitch in my friend group IRL! Not in the story.
Ninetailes99 Ninetailes99 Mar 18, 2016
You still need someone to be Mitch or Jerome,if so I could be Mitch