Blue Hair and Flower Crowns

Blue Hair and Flower Crowns

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damøn By ohjemima Updated Jan 11

{punk/pastel phan}

Dan's not opposed to parties, but this night seemed to be ending in the wrong way. He wasn't spending his time inside, sticking out in his pastels, like he wanted to be. 

But then Phil enters the scene, clad in his usual black, and suddenly this party takes a turn for the better.

warnings: Swearing, alcohol, and v much fluff (I have no regrets).

Ros3mary Ros3mary Jan 10
I don't understand the reference but something tells me it had to do with a certain fic about hats
musicnotephan musicnotephan Dec 27, 2016
i would say same but like
                              I can carry three cellos at once
                              and actually im quite fit
                              but sTill
The1975AndGayThings The1975AndGayThings Dec 30, 2016
I forgot what my profile picture was and had a heart attack when I saw it god dAMN
happyphan84 happyphan84 Jan 08
I pushed my friend off a bridge........luckily the bridge was over water and it wasn't high up : )