Blue Hair and Flower Crowns - ✅

Blue Hair and Flower Crowns - ✅

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damøn By taebismuth Updated Feb 11

{punk/pastel phan}

Dan's not opposed to parties, but this night seemed to be ending in the wrong way. He wasn't spending his time inside, sticking out in his pastels, like he wanted to be. 

But then Phil enters the scene, clad in his usual black, and suddenly this party takes a turn for the better.

warnings: swearing, alcohol, other adult topics

{jan. 14, 2016 - feb. 10, 2018}

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seokjinsneck_ seokjinsneck_ May 23, 2017
Same here honey, I wouldn't risk my white converse for my best friend's life.
a3b1r2e5e a3b1r2e5e Aug 20, 2017
I would say same... but well I'm actually quite strong for my size and stature
Phanscactuses Phanscactuses May 07, 2017
There was this girl that was pretty mean to me and I once kicked her in the stomach really hard when I was like 8 years old whoops
MayieForest MayieForest May 25, 2017
I not-so-accidentaly stabbed my seatmate in the corner of her eye with a pencil when i was in 2nd grade ( ik I'm horrible I'm sorry) but luckily she didn't go blind
JoriVeryAntisocial JoriVeryAntisocial Jul 06, 2017
Everyone I saw tons of that shirt on the boardwalk of Wild Wood,New Jersey
kcat23 kcat23 Oct 24, 2017
i accidentally stabbed my leg with a just sharpened pencil. i have a little dark gray dot on my left thigh now