Poetry Rhymes |England X Reader|

Poetry Rhymes |England X Reader|

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KINGXDIANE By Frostfur789 Updated Mar 15

"Why are you such a rude jerk?!"

He looks back at me with a frown, "Who are you to judge me?"

When a new student shows up at the her school, (Name) is eager to become friends. His snarky attitude and intense glare drives her away, but his kind, neon green eyes invite her closer. 

What about his past made him into the walled-off man he is now, and will he open his heart enough to let someone in?


KeithLunae KeithLunae Aug 17
Ah, relatable...tbh...I just hate some people less than others
CodyBlueze CodyBlueze Jul 27
I literally call everyone in my house woman, even my brothers.
Frostfur789 Frostfur789 May 17
I don't get why everyone's so mad. I thought I made it obvious that Scotland is the one who believes that! He's been drilling this into Arthur's head for years
Endless_Joy Endless_Joy May 25
                              So that's why i don't have a life X'D
Nyo_Sailor Nyo_Sailor Aug 11
I am a jellybean
                              Have you seen my penguin?
                              The government is bees!!
Kabuno_Chan Kabuno_Chan Apr 26
Arthur, you are a drawing. To be more precise, you're a fictional character drawn by a person. So that means you don't exist. You are not a living creature  that walks the Earth. Therefore, you don't really matter.