Several Hundred Apologies | Rants #1

Several Hundred Apologies | Rants #1

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I see you've stumbled on what appears to be a rant book, or as I like to call it, a mistake, but also a blessing. I complain a lot, do tags a lot, and I talk about my girlfriend a lot. So enjoy I guess.

This book was made when I was 12, don't judge the first few chapters, they are old and gross.

COMPLETED: March 10th, 2017

omg I thought about tyrpophobia and I'm like 'nah that doesnt sound so bad!' Then I looked up images 'shudders'
FrankenGee FrankenGee Mar 19, 2016
I saw one tonight and froze up and the other night there was one in my room
                              So frikin scary
contemplays contemplays Sep 18, 2016
ok but you know those tint household lizards?? actual devils
contemplays contemplays Sep 18, 2016
i have a mild fear of flushing sounds since childhood idk why
musicalromantic musicalromantic Mar 19, 2016
I'm not scared of me dying, I'm scared of OTHER people dying
yourlovesvore yourlovesvore May 05, 2016
When I was younger I always thought I'd die in my sleep so I would always have to say "goodnight, love you" so that everyone would have a good final memory and I'd try and smile in my sleep so everyone would think I'd died happy - I'm over that now thank god