Animal Girl of Sabertooth. Rogue x OC

Animal Girl of Sabertooth. Rogue x OC

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Valvia Colvavindia By moonlightbuckingham Updated Aug 13, 2017

Revelli Laviois. One of Sabertooth's strongest wizards. Unlike others, she isn't well known. Whether its Rufus, Orga, or the famous dragon duo, Sting and Rogue. 

Laviois is in league with them all, yet, she's not one to show themselves for longer than ten minutes inside that guild hall, nor is her exceed companion Violet. If it wasn't for Sabertooth getting the best job requests, both of them wouldn't be members.

Although, there is another reason for Laviois's stay. Herself and Rogue Cheney, the shadow dragon slayer have a -close friendship- like relationship that no-one knows about, not even the Sting Eucliffe, Rogue's human teammate. Although, she has talked to him a few times and on are simple terms. 

The both of them, Rogue Cheney and herself keeping up the tough exterior, to everyone but each other and their exceed partners. Whether it's muffled talking, emotionless expression or a hard glare with stiff postures.

The bond between the two is silent but no-one will be able to break it. With them knowing each other's past their magic's linked at the heart, will they be able to survive through this year's Grand Magic Games? With Fairytail's return, will they're relationship become known?
"So, you're in the games this year?" He nods his head faintly, his posture stiff with an expressionless mask covering his eyes like a cloud, making his piercing red eyes seem dull. 

"You?" I shake my head. 

"I don't want my magic to be known." I roll my neck, hearing a faint crack before relaxing it. 

"You know that I hate my stay in Sabertooth. I'd be gone if it weren't for the jewels." He nods lightly. 

"Let's get this over with." 

All Fairytail characters belong to Hiroshima. I only own my Oc's and my made up arcs.

Mature Content in future chapters.

Any pictures and songs on as well don't belong to me! They only help.:)

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