Harry Potter- One Shots (Smut)

Harry Potter- One Shots (Smut)

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Rosallie A-L Gatsby By R_Gatsby_17 Updated Jan 02


All characters, might possibly be girlxgirl or boyxboy. Either way. 


Bunnyssister14 Bunnyssister14 Nov 08, 2016
When only noises can explain how hot someone is 😏😏😏😏
JessicaOfSouthAfrica JessicaOfSouthAfrica Dec 02, 2016
I think the locations are mixed up. Are we in a place with a bed, or are we on the quidditch pitch?
niall_is_love_ niall_is_love_ Oct 12, 2016
Rip to everyone who is bigger than him in like every way so he'd be looking up
prettylittlefangirl4 prettylittlefangirl4 Dec 16, 2016
Every Harry x reader smut I read, he always takes their panties off with his teeth. I see Draco doing that, not Harry but whatever floats your boat
Alicante66 Alicante66 Dec 25, 2016
Its nice having a character with curls, since mine are like natural ringlets
littlelion04 littlelion04 Dec 28, 2016
It would ave been funnier if she said that,as he can literary fill her gap. Ay ay ay 
                              You get me
                              Come on you get it
                              Yeah mate
                              FAM its lit
                              Woo woo
                              Oi oi
                              Mates late get smashed
                              Woo woo