Septiplier Oneshots

Septiplier Oneshots

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Septiplier One shots

Kind of self explanatory 

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Jacks got a migraine, and his pain will range from up, down and sideways. Thank god its friday, cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays cause Sundays are my suicide days.
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septiplierphan1 septiplierphan1 Oct 22, 2016
I would absolutely love if you wrote some Phanfiction. Thank you so much if you start to write some, I'll read it right away if you do! :smiles:
SoLongGdnight SoLongGdnight Aug 31, 2016
*Mark brings soup* Here have some chicken noodle soup, babe.
                              *Jack throws up in soup* Okay, there's no more chicken noodle soup, shall we order takeaway?
                              *Jack nods in between heaves*
Mark and Jack's are so mature, judging by the picture above.