emo kookie ✦ vkook

emo kookie ✦ vkook

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@Emokookie: why don't I have friends? Why is life so cruel? But it's ok, that's just how life is. Life sucks. 

In which; taehyung meets jungkook who's going through an emo phase

*Published: 27th February 2016*
*completed: 10th March 2016*

Book 1/? of the social media series.

(btw i know jungkook isn't emo and tae isn't super cheerful and cute irl, i'm just borrowing their names and looks for this book. i'm not basing it off of their real personalities.)

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8thbtsmemberalice 8thbtsmemberalice Jul 17, 2017
Lmao I just wanted to say that you completed this book on my bday okay bye lmao
EmilyHidalgo95 EmilyHidalgo95 Jul 05, 2017
Really though I'm in Korea! I love Tae's profile it's so cute!
guccicarat guccicarat Jul 04, 2016
I just realized that I started this book in January and back then I had more than 400 followers lol 6 months later it has doubled
LiddleCow LiddleCow Jan 04, 2017
I think you did just fine on both of them.  I appreciate the time you took to make them, they look super cool.  Don't sweat it Love.