✧Our Story✧Junhao

✧Our Story✧Junhao

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Unreliable lol sorry By svt-trash Updated May 22

Minghao, a trainee in Korea for the group S3, became friends with a boy in China over the Internet. After talking to "Juneday" for a few weeks, Minghao asked if his friend had a snapchat so they could see each other's face. Little did he know that this simple act of friendship would literally change his life. 

Jun, or "Juneday" as Minghao knew him, wasn't the talkative type. He liked to sit quietly and listen to music...at least in real life. Online, he was one of the biggest BTS fan accounts out there. One day his account decided to glitch to where only one person could see his posts. That person was "haohao". Jun had noticed his screen name before but didn't think much of it until this particular user decided to spam his posts with comments. Jun was going to tell him to stop, but once they got to talking, Jun quickly realized that this kid was actually pretty cool. Once they started talking there was no stopping them... Well, up until they exchanged snapchats that is.

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