Who Said Love Was Easy? (Alec Lightwood FanFic)*COMPLETE*

Who Said Love Was Easy? (Alec Lightwood FanFic)*COMPLETE*

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Cydenee Alicia 'Cyde' Fray is the twin sister to Clary Fray. She knows about the shadow world, but hasn't become a real shadowhunter yet. Her mom let's her keep her memories of the shadow world but won't train her, she want's Cyde to stay somewhat mundane. On her and Clary's 18th birthday they go out with their friend Simon, meet other shadowhunters, their mom get's kidnapped, and Cyde embrace's her shadowhunter side while her sister learns the truth of what she really is. One shadowhunter catches her eye, Alec Lightwood. Love ignites between the two, but loves not always easy, who even said love was ever easy.  

*****I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTER Cydenee Alicia Fray, ALL OTHER CHARACTERS BELONG TO Cassandra Clare*****

Started: Jan. 16, 2016 
Ended: May 7, 2016
[Shadowhunters: Season 1 of ?]
[Book 1 of ?]

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qveen_net595 qveen_net595 Aug 24, 2017
The wrong how you goning make her protect clary and not cyde
Wait do you actually think they’re called ‘trot’ cards 😂😂
SeptiishuGirl17 SeptiishuGirl17 May 30, 2016
I love Malec but I like how other people start their books so in can improve mine! But I like this it is good.
OliviaSheehan OliviaSheehan Mar 08, 2016
Love the book so far. Is it based more off the show or the book?
carryonhayris carryonhayris Feb 12, 2016
I think I like the idea of this story... But I ship Malec more than I ship anything else so, I'm gonna go enjoy something else