Play Time With Mother and Fther...=/

Play Time With Mother and Fther...=/

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MisseryMarie25 By MisseryMarie25 Updated Sep 29, 2011

She wakes up everyday thinking here's another day.
But all she here's is the fighting of a mother and father.

Chorus: here comes the slam, the yelling, and the tears! 
Her mother throws down the ring and simply walks out the door.

The screaming gets louder, she has no one to talk to because it seems there's no one their for her.
That all changed when he walked into her life.
She runs to him every time she see's him.
She try's to escape this life through his heart.
It's a tough road but she knows with him that she'll make it through every day.
He is the one who reminds here of the love that is in this world somewhere.
Then the yelling starts up again and she snaps back to reality.

Repeat chorus.

One day it will all end and she will be safe as safe