The Deeper We Fall [A TMNT Fan Fiction]

The Deeper We Fall [A TMNT Fan Fiction]

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I've been blind my whole life,
Not by love or anger,
But rather a pigment mutation 
Bethany's lived her whole life in darkness with her only solace; music.

I've been blind my whole life,
Not by Love or a pigment mutation,
But rather by Anger
Raphael's lived his whole life tinted red with his only solace; fighting.

With her condition, Bethany has never tried to get close to anyone, never tried to form any relationships other than that with her carer. So, She definitely never ever expected to fall in love.

Raphael is a major hot head. Master Splinter is always telling him he will conquer his anger with the help of the right person. But being a giant mutant turtle doesn't exactly give him a lot of hope in finding that person. So, He definitely never expected to fall in love. 

Neither of them were looking for a way out of the darkness, but what happens when they force the light into each others lives? 

Book Three in the 'Better With You' series.

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SepticRaven SepticRaven Apr 09
I can imagine her meeting Lyla or (I forgot the other girls name 😓) and just being like, "You smell of turtle."
Lol. What everyone says to me when I smell, hear, or sense something before them
oneatmanyfandoms oneatmanyfandoms Dec 30, 2016
You know what you need for happy and talkative Mikey? A girl who can't speak. That would be an awesome match
emxsal emxsal Feb 28, 2016
Omg she's blind, that's gonna be awesome when she meets the turtles!
WriterIAmNot WriterIAmNot Dec 19, 2016
This is a really good idea to make her blind. I've always wondered what a blind persons perspective would be on the world.