The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

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Next Door #1
  Two months ago, I couldn't even imagine bein like this. Two months ago if you would've seen my life, I was a normal seventeen year old who has never been kissed. Two months ago, Tristan was not in my life and I am pretty sure, two months ago, I hated it all.
  Meet Autumn Grey- the restless one. Normal life- parents rarely home; reliable brother and sister-figure best friend. 
  She needs Mischief.
  Here comes- wait, scrap that- breaks in Tristan Hayden-the troublemaker. Typical cocky, ever-annoying boy you will find.
  He needs Order.
  As both cross paths, meeting in a 'late-arrived' Biology class; they find exactly what they need-each other- next door.
  Read in love with the amusing yet meddling lives of them in The Boy Next Door.

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I was about to comment " i lend you my ball anytime" but stopped myself because that was just....NO
queenie-h queenie-h Apr 06
here is the “man” or “bro” after that isn’t that like guy language
Fatima_Cortes9106 Fatima_Cortes9106 Sep 20, 2017
I know this is unrelated to the book but I had to tell to this... My 3 year old little brother was twerking and then he ask my mom to twerk but she said no so thank god for that because I would be scared for life if she did
queenie-h queenie-h Apr 06
hahaha same but i can walk to school so i just sprit like my life depends on it
Hi its 1:48 am and im messaging all my friends watching you tube videos and reading this book at thid time because im too busy during the day
AliaaBelle AliaaBelle Oct 20, 2017
Aw, shucks. I wish it was someone else, not Zayn. that's okay, I still have my imagination.