Senior Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

Senior Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

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Not O-Fucking-Kay By kayiswritting Updated 2 days ago

Just a normal Peterick Highschool AU. 

Patrick is a loser and has been for the past three years. He has little hope that his final year will bring any change to his failing social status. He is and will probably forever remain a nobody.

Pete Wentz is a new student with a pretty face and a dark past. His good looks and expensive car instantly brings him to the top of the popularity chart. All the girls (and gay boys) want him. All the straight boys want to be him.

Then one drunken night at one terrible party changes both of their lives forever. But for the worse or for the better? What will they do when one night of passion ends up causing nine months of stress?

emo kid emo kid emo kid you know it
                              I slit my wrists I slit my wrists
As soon as I read Fat Pat I thought of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, I think her real name was supposed to be Patricia.
i'm 5'7"-5'8" still growing just going into freshman year and female i am a beast compared to him
when I was in primary school I was average sized and then in like 3rd grade I stopped getting taller and just got really fat and I sTILL LOOK THE SAME SHORT AND FAT
These bullies don't understand the force of the band trash community