Maybe In Time-Book 3 (Watty Awards!)

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In the third installment in the Harry and Hermione book series, Hermione jets off to France for the summer, leaving her friends behind and pining for Harry Potter.  When she finally returns to Hogwarts with a new cat and a new outlook, she finds dementors guarding every entrance, and the panic of a crazed killer being on the loose, who just so happens to have betrayed Harry's parents to Voldemort....  Or so it seems.... Follow this thrilling tale as Hermione hangs on to Harry with all she has, wondering, just wondering, that maybe he feels something too.
I think it was very clever of you to make up your own spell that actually sounds like a spell. Kudos to u
Weeell it's not that odd. If a famous person went to your friends school, and the friend mentioned the famous persons first name, you would jump to conclusions too's kinda odd that the first person named harry she guesses is harry potter like what if hermione was just like "nooo...there's other people named harry ya know..."