The Fire Cat Empress [ Black Butler Boys X Modern Reader] (Completed)

The Fire Cat Empress [ Black Butler Boys X Modern Reader] (Completed)

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you arent a normal girl, you were different from anyone, but for you, it was just normal,your parents were gone because something... until one day when you reach the age of seventeen, you find some secret........

it's a Various Kuroshitsuji boys x reader (but not with ciel and alois cause i will put them to be like your little brother)

im sorry *bow* not good with description

'Don't judge a book by its cover'

Vraena Vraena Aug 04
I've haven't seen the book of circus. I just know there is a new character and sht
glitchwolf glitchwolf Aug 12
I umm I don't think it's possible for him to be afraid off me
Gaster___ Gaster___ Jul 20
Only names that start with v in black butler...
                              Queen Victoria or viscount druitt.
                              Most likely Queen Victoria.
Vraena Vraena Aug 04
I won't mind ruling species at the age of 10. Imagine what's it like for the Vocaloid Princess as the daughter of Evil at age 14
Vraena Vraena Aug 04
That's one of my nicknames. I think of V as of BTS or V from mystic Messanger
Lmao "just be careful with your soul" thanks mom I'll keep that in mind when I'm face to face with Sebastian. PSH like I'm going to be thinking about saving my soul, like take me Sebastian