She's a Monster - Mark Tuan and Got7 fanfic

She's a Monster - Mark Tuan and Got7 fanfic

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Kris M. By MTandKCM Completed

Trisha is a Korean girl who moved with her parents to the US when she was 9. Her parents got divorced when she was 11 and hasn't seen her dad since then. 
She is a rebellious kid who blames her father for the misfortune she and her mom had had when he left. She had to come back to Korea after 11 years to stay with her dad since her mom died and didn't have a place to stay in the US. 
She hates her dad and she hates the idea of coming back to Korea. She hates a lot of things about Korea including the KPOP idols. 
Unfortunately, GOT7, an idol group, is a fan of her dad's restaurant and they eat there very often. 
Mark is a member of the idol group GOT7. He was born in the US but came to Korea to be an idol. He hates nasty girls like Trisha the most. 

Read on as these two clash when it comes to their interests and lifestyle. 

I hope you'll like this book, too. 
Happy reading.

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*slaps main character* 
                              Youngjae's voice: No, No, THAT'S NO NO
Bessdog Bessdog Oct 15
See that’s the difference between me and her, if I was offered food I would swan dive down the stairs
I have the same name of the girl (main character) what a coincidence 😂😂
- - May 02, 2016
God. She's a spoiled brat, I would've smacked her head already.
Fox_Fires Fox_Fires Feb 22
Okay so this is partly a true story right? Just not the GOT7 scenes
AndreaAbad4 AndreaAbad4 May 28, 2016
She just depressed yeah know so no need to smack her @Got7Ahgase-MarkTuan