serial killer boyfriend // pjm

serial killer boyfriend // pjm

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E.X.O - L By my_dorkyexo Updated Aug 30


A weird message , a missed call, strange letter at the door mat , a motorcycle sound at the midnight. 



Those sign is similar to Gwangju murder cases. Followed by Cheolangbuk nam. Same sign and same way to be kill. 

You was afraid of any possibilities. Being kill by the sexy serial killer. Mr Bad and Dangerous. 

Park Jimin , THE HYDE AND JEKYLL MAN . BOTH HIS SIDE IS BAD. Even the good side was dissapeared long time ago. 

Are you the next victim ? Or you the winner of his cold heart ?

Start : 14 January 2016
End :

Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Aug 30
No one has ever saw me with messy hair
                              Of they ever did
                              They r dead
                              My hair r like fried noodles ;-;
                              Its so curly that when i wake up
                              U better not know smh...
eriamaxz23 eriamaxz23 Jun 03
Hahahaha Jelly Jimin !!! Why so Jelly huh? And you don't love her? Hahah I don't think so😏
Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Aug 30
Lol when im scared my hands would freeze and my face would just stare at one place
jiminwink jiminwink Jun 17
Why do i read its chanbaek name but shortform lmao 😂 chanbaek shipper is hereee 😂🙌💖
Mine goes " FIREEEEE "
                              One time it went off during class ... We had to do the fire drill ... :)
eriamaxz23 eriamaxz23 Jun 03
Maybe.... Jimin is too small for you to see him? He can hide anywhere like that and watch you all day😂