Demon Defied

Demon Defied

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ddiction2bookz101 By ddiction2bookz101 Updated Oct 04, 2011

Yes. Fantasy. You heard me. F-A-N-T-A-S-Y!! Yup I'm a Hombre-Lobo and my cousin over there she...she is a Vampiro. Now before you go all WTF on me I am a Werewolf (Hombre-Lobo), my cousin is a Vampire (Vampiro). Simple, right? Wrong!

I am Samantha Silverfur (Sillfur). My friends call me Sniffer, LOL right? WRONG, again! the people that dont like me very much call me Stiffler and Slutfur, but I'm still a virgin! Not funny guys (REALLL MATURE) note the sarcasm!

To most people we are considered Demons, all of us..... My cousin's last name is Bluefang (Blufann) but people arent as hard on her. Together we are Cynthia Bluefang and Samantha Silverfur. People call us B-S....(get it)? We almost ALWAYS get called mean names! Oh well, same-old same-old blah-blah-blah! Well we are the most family we have, and this... is our story....

Mizz_Mayhem65 Mizz_Mayhem65 May 29, 2013
Oh jeez! I'm really sorry to who ever decided to read this.... I started wtiting it when i was like ten.. T.T honestly I cannot believe I was ever so.... childish.. I mean yeah it was three years ago but still. O.o
GrawrImmaEatYuu GrawrImmaEatYuu Feb 05, 2012
so the other people (Humans) know that they are a vampire and a werewolf?