Celeste was on a mission; the last thing she expected was to come across a Jinn.  Worse, she never would have thought that the dirty jar she had grabbed belonged to him.  Now, she was his master; the only problem was that she wasn't allowed to order someone about.  Being an angel, she had no free will; she was bound by the set of rules given to her.  So, what did she do now?  She had a Jinn that she couldn't get rid of.  It looked like she was doomed to be stuck with him.
    (Cover by Platypus1987)
They have an episode with a jinn on supernatural so I will give this a shot lol
This was a very light and funny chapter! Set an easy tone for story. Charismatic characters. Complicated plot/dilemma for the angel :)
Oh. My. God!!! 
                                    honestly...I was just gonna read the prologue and I don't even know how I got to chapter one but....I had to finish reading this chapter lol...Yup, I am hooked! lol
They did it in Aladdin! :) Only the prologue but, I can tell I'm going to like it.
>o< Chilling start! I thought it would be sort of cheesy at first... (What with Angels and Jinns), but it was completely original and completely grabbed me! ^___^
I speak Arabic and when I heard of the story involving a Jin. I said to myself I must read this. very interesting plot and theme, something a little different. hope I get to read more of this tale.