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Stuck With You

Stuck With You

395K Reads 8.7K Votes 37 Part Story
Shelby By shelbylw03 Completed

Celeste was on a mission; the last thing she expected was to come across a Jinn.  Worse, she never would have thought that the dirty jar she had grabbed belonged to him.  Now, she was his master; the only problem was that she wasn't allowed to order someone about.  Being an angel, she had no free will; she was bound by the set of rules given to her.  So, what did she do now?  She had a Jinn that she couldn't get rid of.  It looked like she was doomed to be stuck with him.
(Cover by Platypus1987)

missawesomelyamazing missawesomelyamazing Apr 07, 2013
They have an episode with a jinn on supernatural so I will give this a shot lol
MyztikalTearz MyztikalTearz Jun 06, 2012
This was a very light and funny chapter! Set an easy tone for story. Charismatic characters. Complicated plot/dilemma for the angel :)
lenientbeast825 lenientbeast825 May 07, 2012
Oh. My. God!!! 
                              honestly...I was just gonna read the prologue and I don't even know how I got to chapter one but....I had to finish reading this chapter lol...Yup, I am hooked! lol
Vabbie Vabbie Mar 04, 2012
They did it in Aladdin! :) Only the prologue but, I can tell I'm going to like it.
Kailani Kailani Feb 24, 2012
>o< Chilling start! I thought it would be sort of cheesy at first... (What with Angels and Jinns), but it was completely original and completely grabbed me! ^___^
HassanElawad HassanElawad Feb 23, 2012
I speak Arabic and when I heard of the story involving a Jin. I said to myself I must read this. very interesting plot and theme, something a little different. hope I get to read more of this tale.