Imagine This

Imagine This

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BeautyJunkie By BeautyJunkie Updated Feb 08

A collection of unrelated Jadine one shots based on imagined moments from the latest Jadine happenings. 

Mostly drabble, some AU, most, based on canon.

Feel free to suggest prompts. No assurance as to when i can get on it though.

ChiChoyyy ChiChoyyy Jan 14, 2016
Omg you naughty Author you. I should really not be smiling and thinking tootoo thoughts but this fic omg ugh Naddie!
justeffitall justeffitall Jan 14, 2016
Grabe!! Ate!! This one makes me feel worse than reading 50 shades. Like a dirty little secret. Haha. So good!
WonderPiper WonderPiper Jan 14, 2016
Im beginning to be a prevert na ata. Emegeed! Hahaha Jusko Naddie. Ang aggressive mo ateng! Hahaha Sino ba naman ang hinsi pag JAMES REID na ang pinaguusapan dba? Sheteee lang hahaha
BeautyJunkie BeautyJunkie Jan 14, 2016
Hahaha! Ewan ko ba lately puro ko smut. It's JaDine. They look as if they cannot get enough of each other.
jadineloveydovey jadineloveydovey Jan 14, 2016
Grabe ateng! Magffifty shades na ba tayo or sylvia day? HAHAHA your brain is the definition of naughty hahaha galing!! ❤❤❤ and im soo glad my fic inspired this (sa abs ni james ako kumukuha ng lakas 😂)
imaginedfluff imaginedfluff Jan 13, 2016
part 2 pls? the part between him pouncing and her not being able to walk after haha. you are such a tease! i love it! thanks!