Bloody Romance(on hold)

Bloody Romance(on hold)

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Beatriz Buelna-Alcantar By vincentXmyXlove Updated Apr 17, 2012

Emalia Hama was rescued by a vampire when she was six, now twelve years later she was raised in the hunters covenant. When she finds her self face to face with the dark prince, he stirs emotions and unknown memories in her that she cant explain. Strange things start to happen to Emalia nearing her eighteen birthday things she cant explain, so she turns to the only person that can help her, Basilino De Luca

Basilino De Luca is the prince of darkness, his family saved a six year old Emalia Hama in a vampire attack that killed her parents. Now twelve years later he has found his beloved, now he must convince her of what she really is before the enemies that killed her parents return for her.

Can both Emalia and Basilino  find love in eachothers arms and defeat a sworn enemie that threaten to destroy everything they love and know?

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