Towards the Light (Assassination Classroom) [Sequel to Connected Ties]

Towards the Light (Assassination Classroom) [Sequel to Connected Ties]

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EnjuYuki By EnjuYuki Updated Jun 12, 2016

Hikari, an orphan escapes from the orphanage and ends up leading to Kunugigaoka Junior High.

She absent-mindedly was dragged into a mountain and discovers a class on top of the mountain.

As for Class E, their memories about a certain dead friend comes back as Hikari came into their lives.

Hikari being confused a lot as Kumori Chi leads to a frustrating life to her.

What will she experience as She Heads..

Towards The Light?


Hey guys!! This is actually a Sequel for my first book, Connected Ties, check that out first before reading this book.

Thank you!!

  • anime
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • assassination
  • classe
  • classroom
  • comedy
  • gakushū
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_youngblood- _youngblood- Sep 10, 2017
For a moment there I read it as iPad. 😂😂😂 tell me what is wrong with me 😂😂😂
juhoeu juhoeu Dec 22, 2016
lol i expected Chi to come back to life after all in the first book it said the impossible can happen something like that but i guess this isn't that bad :3
Kuiidaorie Kuiidaorie Jun 04, 2016
OMG i thought chi was the best  but nawww this changed my idea ^O^!!!
gxwang gxwang May 13, 2016
OMFG. A lesbian. B!tch sansei a lesbian. Hikari has the greatest sense of humor ever.
smol_little_bitch smol_little_bitch Jul 29, 2016
I already red that yesterday, and I can't believe that I am having waters from my eyes....
                              What are they called again?   'Tears'?