I loved it mainly because i can relate. you foot note at the bottem is so true. i am the one begging to be saved...
wow i really like the poem it made me realise how serious suicide really is.
@Behind_Strings that's too bad. Hey, feel better, okay? It all gets better. Promise
I am literally reading this while in in the hospital , waiting for an ambulance to take me to the mental institute for probation because of attemtp 
                                    uicide.  Ironic
@foreverhidion3 hey, I like your idea. I wont use it the exact same way, but I'll try to switch up the ending a little bit. Thank you for the suggestion :)
hmmm... I like this.
                                    But...What if it ended...
                                    Please don't forget.
                                    Guns go off,
                                    the thread breaks,
                                    and I am 
                                    I don't know, I felt like the word "raw" was very strong in this piece...and feel like it could close it a little more powerfully...?
                                    Or not...
                                    Tell me what you think!