Raw [My Manifesto Poem]

Raw [My Manifesto Poem]

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Courtney By XxForgottenWhisperxX Completed

I am dead-


My soul is


I can barely sleep

when all I can think of

are the mistakes I've made.

I've made too many.

I've hurt too many.

I've faked too many


My heart is


I feel nothing but


How can I begin to have

hopes and dreams,

when they always are


My ears ring from the sound

of blood rushing through my viens.

Let my heart freeze over,

grant me my silence.

My skin is


Torn off my so-called

friends and loves.

Sliced apart by myself,

I'll never be good


Ripped away by those who

acted before thinking.

Don't judge when

you don't even know.

Only my mind remains,

enough to spit out a



I'm hanging on by a thread,

and it's time to fall.

I don't want to die,

but I just can't live

in this world, in this life.

Please remember me as I was

before I was


Please don't forget.

Guns go off,

the thread breaks,

And I am

nothing except



and raw.


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Behind_The_Mask Behind_The_Mask Mar 24, 2012
I loved it mainly because i can relate. you foot note at the bottem is so true. i am the one begging to be saved...
yogirl184 yogirl184 Dec 15, 2011
wow i really like the poem it made me realise how serious suicide really is.
XxForgottenWhisperxX XxForgottenWhisperxX Sep 29, 2011
@Behind_Strings that's too bad. Hey, feel better, okay? It all gets better. Promise
Behind_Strings Behind_Strings Sep 29, 2011
I am literally reading this while in in the hospital , waiting for an ambulance to take me to the mental institute for probation because of attemtp 
                              uicide.  Ironic
XxForgottenWhisperxX XxForgottenWhisperxX Sep 29, 2011
@foreverhidion3 hey, I like your idea. I wont use it the exact same way, but I'll try to switch up the ending a little bit. Thank you for the suggestion :)
foreverhidion3 foreverhidion3 Sep 29, 2011
hmmm... I like this.
                              But...What if it ended...
                              Please don't forget.
                              Guns go off,
                              the thread breaks,
                              and I am 
                              I don't know, I felt like the word "raw" was very strong in this piece...and feel like it could close it a little more powerfully...?
                              Or not...
                              Tell me what you think!