Yandere! Sensei x Reader  (ヤンデレ!  先生  x  リーダー)

Yandere! Sensei x Reader (ヤンデレ! 先生 x リーダー)

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☻ᴛᴡᴏ-ƒᴀᴄᴇᴅ ɢɪʀʟ☺ By NicYandere Updated 5 days ago

''Who was the one who let my friends just curl up and die?''

It could've been anyone else but it had to be you. It had to be you who brights up his day, it had to be you that just by staring deeply into your pure and glistening eyes would suddenly flick the switch that was hidden inside him. It had to be you who would comfort him whenever he was in a distressed state. And it had to be you who would stay with him until the end of times. He was so deeply in love with you that he had to get rid of anyone who would come between his love for you. Love is such a strong word isn't it? His love for you is immeasurable that just by a single touch from your soft skin would tickle him. You didn't want to let any of this happen but you entered his heart and now, there is just no way to go out. He would keep you there until your soul would break. How long can you stay determined and face the cruel fate that is standing right in front of you? Will you still stay determined? Or will you break into pieces and commit suicide? The school's fate rest upon your decisions as well as your soul. Proceed slowly as the time between your twisted romance will slow down too.

''You'll never win, you'll never break me.'' You spat as you glared at him angrily and determination firing into your (E/C) eyes. The twisted, blonde teacher just chuckled darkly and caressed your cheek with a smirk forming in his handsome face. But you weren't dumb to think that his face is handsome, no.

''I'll continue to try and break you until you fully devote yourself to me. I'll do whatever it takes for you to love me forever. Even if it means killing everyone you love and even if it means i'll have to lock you up here until you're truly broken.'' The teacher said as he reached up to the door and opened it.

''I will make you love me.''


Author - NicYandere

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