Thin Ice

Thin Ice

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Kelsey Rogers lives and breathes ice hockey. She grew up with a father and brother who both played, and from them she gained a fierce passion for the sport.

When her father’s company relocates him, Kelsey must leave her team behind, only to find out that there is no girls’ team where she now lives. Instead of giving up on the sport she loves, Kelsey fights her way onto the local boys’ travel team.

However, the difficulty doesn’t stop there. Kelsey has to deal with boys telling her she plays a boys’ sport and that she isn’t as good because of being a girl. Kelsey isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so instead of quitting, she vows to prove that a girl can play ice hockey.

Enter Dane Young. He’s the captain of Kelsey’s new team, and one of the major reasons she made it. Despite that, though, Dane is probably harder on her than the team’s coach. To Kelsey, it’s as if he wants to see her fail.

Kelsey is determined not to let that happen.

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The_Invalid The_Invalid Mar 12
I went to my first hockey game at 2, but I've never played. My dad doubts that I can play, but I reallllyyyy want to play, even if I'm the worst player. Everyone has to start somewhere right? Even the most professional players were the worst at some point.
I learned to skate when I was 4 and have played since I was 6 it's pretty much my life
I value sleep a little bit more than my phone, but otherwise we are one in the same girl
lilyrose508 lilyrose508 Apr 04
How is that creepy?... its literally what they’re about to do lol
CrissyAbby CrissyAbby Apr 24
hockey is my life. my cousin started teaching me when i was 2 and i've loved it ever since.
Lerad92d Lerad92d Apr 24
I play hockey and I’m a girl I’m transitioning to girls this year and there are multiple people saying I can’t play hockey but I’m was always one of the top players on my team sometimes best! This is probably the best boom ever!