Thin Ice

Thin Ice

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Nelly By nelinor Completed

Kelsey Rogers lives and breathes ice hockey. She grew up with a father and brother who both played, and from them she gained a fierce passion for the sport.

When her father’s company relocates him, Kelsey must leave her team behind, only to find out that there is no girls’ team where she now lives. Instead of giving up on the sport she loves, Kelsey fights her way onto the local boys’ travel team.

However, the difficulty doesn’t stop there. Kelsey has to deal with boys telling her she plays a boys’ sport and that she isn’t as good because of being a girl. Kelsey isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so instead of quitting, she vows to prove that a girl can play ice hockey.

Enter Dane Young. He’s the captain of Kelsey’s new team, and one of the major reasons she made it. Despite that, though, Dane is probably harder on her than the team’s coach. To Kelsey, it’s as if he wants to see her fail.

Kelsey is determined not to let that happen.

I watch it a lot but don't play. But I do skate Ice and roller skate. I do a lot of things. Like dancing. Being a gymnast. Ride horses. Swim and all then junks
Their coach is a guy. But they're girls. That's probably why he said I'm coming in before actually go in
I get called on that all the time, my goalie is my bestie, and even when not the goalie is the one you need to protect
The fact that this is a book makes me so happy me being a girl who plays on guys team
I live in ny and my cousin goes to Cornell this is crazy😂
My sister got an acceptance letter from Ithaca but she didn't even apply