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*All Hermione Granger wants to do is get back to the life she remembers, nay, the year she remembers, but is finding it difficult to keep from changing the future she's from.  Every word that is spoken seems to have some kind of change, and from what she's experienced, isn't helping at all.  1975 was the start of her problems, and 1980 isn't shaping up to be any better.  

-AU timey-wimey traveling stuff
-Death Eatery-ish Maurauders (SAY WHAT?!!?)


"Funny I've never seen you before."  His fingers ran across his chin, wiping at a bloody lip Hermione just noticed.  He didn't seem to realize the cut as he pulled his hand away after some consideration.  "Nope.  Never seen you before."  He said decidedly and extended a hand.

"I'm Black.  Sirius Black."

Hermione was awestruck.  His name, as soon as he had said it clicked something inside of her.  The archaic look of the common room, her youthful face making her look like a student again...

"You've got to be kidding me."  She said, falling back into the wall and sliding down into a sitting position.

"No, not kidding."  Sirius said now looking at Hermione with concern.

"This can't--How did--"  She pressed her face into her hands and rubbed at her temples hard.  "What year is it?"  She asked, bracing for the shock of her life.

"Nineteen-Seventy-Five."  Sirius answered and Hermione let out a groan.  Had she not already known it was possible to travel back in time, she would have not believed it.

*Synopsis is always being worked on...like the staircases, may change when you least expect.

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larissawuh larissawuh Apr 02, 2016
Why Are Your Fanfictions always so good ? I mean I don't know how this one is going to turn out to be in the End but I'm pretty sure it's going to be amazing Because the Plot sounds very interesting. :) So what I mean to say is that I loved this first chapter and can't wait to read more :-)
thatfairygodfather thatfairygodfather Jun 27, 2016
This is such a promising start! This is gonna be another one of the few brilliantly well written story ☺
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod Nov 05, 2016
Loins actor tho....The Time Traveler From Eastern London....Rip Hunter....perfect
Aisling1949 Aisling1949 May 06, 2016
Ooh, this is so good. This story is gonna be great. Look forward to reading it...all!!!