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Sans X Reader「 Will it be Different Now? 」

Sans X Reader「 Will it be Different Now? 」

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GamblingShipper By Darkness-x-Paradise Updated Jul 28, 2016

Life will never be as ordinary as it used to be for [Y/N], a clever, yet clumsy adventurous teen girl, who was dragged to an unasked for situation.

This change makes the previously spoken of character face things that weren't planed for her, nor ready for her sudden appearance. 

Although it wasn't meant for all of those events to occur, it gave [Y/N] a mission that might determine the future of two worlds, two souls and two species.

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Cath_2 Cath_2 Mar 12
Yeah, people in the street talk to me and all. Okayyy, maybe because I scream all the time with my friend but yeah... Hm... Yeah... Well gtg bye
                              Sans: a bit over the top much?
                              Me: shut it cuz you would blast the heck outta them with a gaster blaster if they hurt papyrus. 
                              Sans: ...touché
Hello! ... Or not, that's fine too... Yeah..... Whatever.... *awkwardly walks away* Uh, Undertill next time.... I guess.... Hopefully you answer next time....
*"acsadently" falls down a massive hole* *finds Frisk* *finds sans* *gets married* *had lots of skele-human babies* *the end*
Cath_2 Cath_2 Mar 12
Hello! Who are you, I'm Cath, nice to meet you! How are you? Are... Are you going to answer or... huh... heh heh heh... W-well bye I think... It was... good to talk even if I was the only one who... Well... Hm yeah bye. *run away*
                              (don't say something about Hopes and Dreams, plz don't)