Sans X Reader「 Will it be Different Now? 」

Sans X Reader「 Will it be Different Now? 」

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GamblingShipper By Darkness-x-Paradise Updated Jul 28, 2016

Life will never be as ordinary as it used to be for [Y/N], a clever, yet clumsy adventurous teen girl, who was dragged to an unasked for situation.

This change makes the previously spoken of character face things that weren't planed for her, nor ready for her sudden appearance. 

Although it wasn't meant for all of those events to occur, it gave [Y/N] a mission that might determine the future of two worlds, two souls and two species.

{ . . . }
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Haruhi Suzumaya (if you get what I'm saying you will be rewarded with a most likely very fun conversation)
NailsRose NailsRose 7 days ago
                              America: Im so proud 
                              England: Ugh *he face palms* 
                              Dipper: Not again Jem! 
                              Mabel: That was awesome!
choclete123 choclete123 Feb 04
Yes. Yes you do mysterious person talking to us. It's least you can do for us clueless readers😒 (Warning:a lot of sly remarks coming from me.sorry)
choclete123 choclete123 Feb 04
Hello. Nice to meet you. *raises hand hoping that this person will shake it*
NailsRose NailsRose 7 days ago
*grabs a large pot* You better back the hell away buddy before I turn you into soup.
choclete123 choclete123 Feb 04
That's it! Trying to be calm through this story but damn it!!!! 
                              You know what SCREW YOU. You weird breaded stranger that joins conversation that has nothing to do with him and doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. Beware. You don't knew who's watching. You just might get dunked on.