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Cinderella in Sneakers

Cinderella in Sneakers

43.1K Reads 1.5K Votes 25 Part Story
SABRÉTIGER By toZmoonNback Completed

"So ever think of returning to Australia?" He asks.
"Is it that bad?"
"No it's beautiful. But there's always someone to make you hate a place"
"I understand that. But wouldn't someone  be the motivation to return?"
"You speak like you've been in my position"
"Maybe because I have" he shrugs.
"Who could possibly be that annoying to run you out of NYC?"
"A friend of yours"
"What'd he do?"
"There's always the unfaithful girlfriend and the betrayal of a friend"
"He went behind your back with your cheating girlfriend?"


Lyric Adelaide, a girl with a strong and confident personality, had spent five years living with her dad and her hell of a step mom. 

When her step mom Amber finally blows the last straw, Lyric rages and moves from Sydney AU to New York City where her mother lived.

Alyna, Lyrics mom has always wanted her daughter to be more like Cinderella. Innocent, honest, and girly.
But with Lyric a tomboy and hating Cinderella, that's not going to happen.

She believes 'Prince Charming' is an idiot, and so is Cinderella.
She thinks love is fake due to her parents' divorce, after they filled her mind, saying that love exists. 
In Lyrics mind she says if love existed why isn't it happening?

 Two characters develop a strong relationship, one including relief of heart break, and other life situations.
Would anyone stand in there way? Maybe a certain someone shows up unexpectedly. MAYBE! MAYBE!!!!

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Book originally completed 03/2016

Cover by: ignited_flame789


suzuyah suzuyah Mar 19
Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters beat her??? it took place in 7th century europe? the kingdom was small? her step-family would've, guaranteed,  sent someone out to obliterate her or accuse her of breaking the law
Um hello can u read minds?Becuz u literally just read mine!😂😂😂😝
treshasutherland treshasutherland Sep 29, 2016
Finally someone sees it and eve if I doesn't break how the hell do u walk in something so uncomfortable
alysa3012 alysa3012 Nov 16, 2016
Ya I must be the Asian Cinderella cause I'm a size 3 1/2 for my shoe😂🙄👠
AliaKates AliaKates Jun 07, 2016
Ok bro your wife just called your daughter pathetic u gone do somethings bro? And she made fun of her name btw Lyric is a beautiful name and she made fun of Lyrics mom um hello bitch needs to go down!
AliaKates AliaKates Jun 07, 2016
She has a crappy dad and a shitty step mom...... The step mom deserved every word she got!