Warning Label ☁Jacob Black [1]

Warning Label ☁Jacob Black [1]

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"You should come with a warning label, Jacob Black, because you are hazardous." 

Fiona took pity on Bella Swan, that was her first mistake. 

[Twilight: New Moon.] [Summary inside.]

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I don't understand her, I'd go insane if I had to stay in one tiny town my entire life
But if you read the book than Bella is actually REALLY funny and So is Edward they're not as weird in the book than they are in the movies. The book was way better, I wish they would've made the movie exactly like the book because then everyone wouldn't be hatin on bella
LiljanaB LiljanaB Apr 06
I dont like bella because she is weak and she let Edward control her
Bless this author. Bless this fanfic. Bless Fiona. Bless this.
Warning: Extremely indecisive, pale even though from Arizona, lacks ability to show common emotions, leads people on, claims suicidal tendencies to be recreational, weak, loves being in life or death situations, always in constant danger, values the life of a dead man mor than her own, etc.
thechildren thechildren Mar 31
I've never read a twilight fan fiction like this before. To say I'm interested would be an understatement.