The Eight-Point Arc

The Eight-Point Arc

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Karianne By DarknessAndLight Completed

There once lived a girl who lived with two boys who went on adventure, that wasn't that much of an adventure, more like a deep internal quest to figure stuff out.

There's a lot of bad jokes, puns, unrequited feelings and a little bit of self growth.

And above all there's the recipe to how to construct a story.

An artist, a philosopher and a scientist walk into a bar... it starts like this.

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The master has spoken and I have learned yet again. Like seriously, these paragraphs are giving me so much feelings and life, I'm about to drop this phone. ♡
bielidlo bielidlo Mar 30, 2017
please don't give up on this! i love your writing and the characters too much!!
ttriniteaa ttriniteaa Mar 07
legit gonna wait until the day this story is finished so i can binge read :'))
Lol. I'd probably bang my headboard back or go knock on the door and ask them to please do it in the floor or something.
-minfires- -minfires- Jan 17
Awwws can you please update I read Chief's line and I said this is the story for me
MissDumbE1 MissDumbE1 Feb 05
This is such a nice way of writing. Like damn!!! Seriously Kay you're too good with such writing stuff.