How Could This Be? - BillDip

How Could This Be? - BillDip

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A confused boy with an interesting summer ahead of him comes across a dream demon. Instead of fearing him he decides to befriend him...little does he know that "friends" isn't how he'll feel about the other for long.
This story revolves around an AU Couple Falls I made up

It basically about how Gravity Falls would be if BillDip were like a thing in the show.

It's made to be as realistic as possible (as I could muster)
Like seeing their relationship slowly progress

P.S Mabifica has a few cameos here and there, just a heads up.

Now if you don't ship it you best be blasting outta here.

"Don't hate, appreciate"

XD_Crazy_XD XD_Crazy_XD Jan 07
and the chase is on xD (its a tv show the chase)(or was it the chaser idfk xD)
Stitchy_Six Stitchy_Six Jul 05, 2016
Victuri_Destiel Victuri_Destiel Aug 02, 2016
I hate leftovers.
                              Like if you heat it up it still taste bad okay
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Nov 19, 2016
Kanna:left over? °~°never have one
                              Kano:it's because we never have diner
                              Kanna:true °~° we both home at 7 p.m because of our activaty 
                              Kano:even we don't have breakfast 
                              Kanna:we only eat lunch
                              Kano:yup we know it's unhealthy
SebastainMichaelis55 SebastainMichaelis55 Sep 07, 2016
*bill walks over* Bill: your crying again?
                              Dipper: I'm not crying it's raining on my face!
Nova_Galaxy_Cipher Nova_Galaxy_Cipher Nov 30, 2016
@Trashmania H-hi A-author-C-chan... Can I-i g-give you a-a h-hug?