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The Boy That Never Gave Up ( A Zane x Gene FanFic)

The Boy That Never Gave Up ( A Zane x Gene FanFic)

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Graceeee By kittyfan3217 Completed

I know this story is going to be terrible, 
but I want to try. 
  The main characters are Zane and Gene, obviously. But, there are going to be new characters added as the story goes on, so look out for that.
 Oh btw I will probably have short chapters, but I'll put lots of work into them, so they aren't terrible. If you want me to add you in, just leave a comment describing yourself.
 I'll try to update at least once a week. But, it will be hard, because of school.
 A little info about myself: 
 I'm in 7th grade.
 I get writer's block a lot.
 I originally wasn't going to make this a Zane x Gene.
 My best friend is Cadenza_Metelli 
 I have two cats.
 I'm allergic to dogs.
 My name is Grace.
 That's basically all you need to know. Just call me whatever you want, I don't really care.
I think that's all you need to know. Bai!!!

Me: Zane if u love gene just go for him XD JUST GO UP TO HIM AND PIN HIM TO THE WALL AND TAKE UR MASK OFF THEN KISS HIM ON.....DA.....LIP...!!!! ^-^ Zane: Uhhh *face turns red* thx....? For the ummm tips...?
88PA88 88PA88 Oct 20, 2016
I can just picture that in my mind.
                              Gene stares into his eyes. It feels like times stops. Gene just keeps looking at his beautiful eyes... aaannnnndddd he drops him...
I can imagine this....
                              Gene notices Zane fainting and picks him up, looking into his. Eyes, not even noticing he was, Zane trying comprehend what is happening, Gene starts daydreaming and drips him "Watch where your going freak" secretly wishing he would just kiss is wrong with me...?
grace is my spirit animal. *pulls fire alarm* *attempts to do an awesome evil laugh like zane* *actually sounds like a witch* oops
Hi my name is Julia
                              I am also I'm 7th grade 
                              I also have two cats and one dog
                              I have LOADS of friends but not on Wattpad
                              I love listening to music when I have free time 
                              That's a little about myself 😊
TaylerShamTatertot2 TaylerShamTatertot2 Nov 12, 2016
'He called me an emo freak! I loved the new nickname' 
                              Me: ;-; ;-; if you say so Zane. I wish you the best of luck ;-;