Dream and Nightmare: Sacrifice  [Book Two]

Dream and Nightmare: Sacrifice [Book Two]

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Two years have passed since the summer of Anah’s first encounter with the Elvita world. As she prepares to make the trip back to the beach where her adventures first began, Anah finds herself stronger and more confident than she was before. But when she meets up with old friends, she finds war and dangers that she had thought were long gone as well as new companions that are often more trouble than help.

Viviloana Viviloana May 31, 2013
@Annany  Hahah boobs. I didn't even notice...I did notice the hair though. It's the hair of an adventurer...
                              Also I just love hand drawn covers, I worked on my "Recollection" one and am working on the Con Artist cover :)
Annany Annany May 31, 2013
@PaigeyLou Boobs are a great thing to have.
                              I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. Now I wanna draw the rest of my characters, too XD
Ciphertext Ciphertext May 31, 2013
@Annany Muhaha >:3 I still remember the first day I noticed I had boobs. I was pretty ecstatic.
                              Drawing them small like that was clever. But there's still just enough detail for me to scream about :D
Annany Annany May 31, 2013
@PaigeyLou Of course she's gonna get badass, and she got a hair cut, and boobs which she's pretty excited about. Anf\d i drew them really small so I wouldn't have to worry about detail in their faces. This one's gonna be good :D
Annany Annany May 31, 2013
@Viviloana Yay! thank you. I'm not satisfied with this one, but it's good enough for now :D
Ciphertext Ciphertext May 31, 2013
I don't think you understand just how much I'm looking forward to this. Lookit teh golden magic :D And WHAT is Anah doing with those knives? Is she gonna get badass? I can only imagine she would get badass.