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The Cheerleaders Daughter

The Cheerleaders Daughter

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Kami Nicolino By Kami_n Completed

His hands got caught in my hair as he kissed me harder. Our tongues danced together and he shoved me up against the wall. 
My fingernails scraped down his bare back and he lifted me up to wrap my legs around his waist.
He kissed a trail down to my neck and then froze. 
“You’ve been smoking.” He said pulling away from me. 
I sighed as he set me down and took a step away from me. “I smoked once today, ok? It’s not that big of a deal.” 
“Lissa!” Jace shouted at me. “You promised you’d stop! You said you were done with drugs a long time ago.” 
“I promised a lot of things that I never did!” I screamed back him. 
He raked his hands through his hair and started pacing. “Drugs aren’t good for you, Lissa. You need to stop.” 
“You can’t control my life.” I snapped. 
“I won’t be with you if you’re too high to remember any of it.” 
“Then maybe I’ll go back with Trey.” 
Lissa finally decides to go back to her families vacation house for the summer. She’d always been treated as ‘one of the boys’ by the other kids who went to the vacation house.
The twins were finally eighteen and had convinced all of the parents to let the teenagers spend time at the house for the summer. 
Trey and Jace, the good lucking twins, haven’t seen Melissa in two years because she’d been skipping the family vacation even though her own twin Ian had tagged along. 
They remember her as the slightly chubby, underdeveloped, nerdy girl that they treated like a brother; but boy are they in for a surprise when she walks in the door looking completely different. 
She also has another secret neither of them knows about, how shocked will they be when they find out?
With all of their longtime friends, the beach, the sun, and the freedom they’re sure to get into loads of trouble, and fun. But will romance ruin a friendship? 
This is the sequel to The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy. Although reading that book is not necessary to read this one.

lyxcheanna lyxcheanna May 01
Its honestly been so long since i read the 1st book and im too lazy to check who jace belongs to haha
EatingMercy EatingMercy Feb 12
Lol that are way too many kids I can't even remember my own name sometime s come one
l0venme l0venme Aug 16, 2016
Haaaa...when you have to #rr  the other book to figure who Jace belonged too... they all had so many kids
read the name and boom thought of my bae #32 JACE NORMANNNNN!!!! so cliche`
EatingMercy EatingMercy Feb 12
I need to go to sleep cause it's like 4 in the morning and I'm sick but I can't stop reading