Friendship Knows No Bounds (a sasusaku fan fic)

Friendship Knows No Bounds (a sasusaku fan fic)

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McHailee Stone By smileymcxoxo Updated Nov 18

As young children, Sasuke and Sakura were really close. Not just close, but best friends. Sasuke protected her from bullies and in turn sakura brought joy to his life. 

But one day Sakura and her family move away, leaving Sasuke with little to no explanation as to why. 

Without Sakura to keep him in check, his world is thrown into turmoil, especially after a terrible accident takes his parents. He grows cold and starts to hate the world and everyone in it. 

Sakura isn't the same when she leaves her best friend behind and is constantly living in fear of the ones who are chasing her. 

Sakura, given an opportunity, returns to the hidden leaf village and attends Konoha high, sending both hers and Sasuke's world in turmoil once again. But is for the better this time? 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters except for ones that I might creat. This story plot is strictly from my imagination and etc, etc. 

Hope y'all love it!  


*LE GASP!!!* did you just....
                              did you just call her.... Fatty?
                              SHE AIN'T CHOCHO OR CHOJI DUDE 😂