Naruto - Strings of Fate (Male OC)

Naruto - Strings of Fate (Male OC)

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thewatcherofanimes By thewatcherofanimes Updated Aug 20, 2017

I'm blind. There's nothing much to see whilst living in darkness, especially when you can't even identify yourself.  I may not be able to see the world, but in a way other people are blind as well. They don't see the struggle. They don't see the pain. They don't see a person's full story, the colors that make up masterpieces. Imagine how shocked I was when I suddenly could see those colors.  

"I am Corrin, and I guess that I should start from the very beginning." 

*Disclaimer*I do not own the plot of Naruto, but I do own Corrin and other OCs that I have created!

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eltrashh-v eltrashh-v Dec 04, 2017
i just hope you know how great of a writer you are,,, because goddamn :00
TheRandomSilverette TheRandomSilverette Apr 02, 2017
I was gonna read to find out if the OC was male or female and then I look to the title... I'm so goddam stupid.....
Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Jul 19, 2017
This was wonderful! I had a full picture of what was going on!
-- inspired --
                              -- writes one chapter
                              -- stops
                              -- deletes book
                              nevermind .
Dead_Ender Dead_Ender Jan 20, 2017
The lights will flicker on and off just like the story! Hahahahah! Good one squidward! XD
Anime_cupcake_fan Anime_cupcake_fan Aug 19, 2016
There's more detail put into these two sentences than some kids in my school put into two paragraphs.