Sans x Reader | Undertale Lemons

Sans x Reader | Undertale Lemons

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【 KoodleKrash 】 By DementedThings Updated Feb 04

Do you like Undertale?
Do you like Sans?
Do you like Comedy?
Do you like Lemons?

If you said yes to all of those questions, then you came to the right place!
I'm working on my Lemons since I don't have much experience but I'm practicing!

 ^////^  This may be cringe-worthy..

                  (Requests are open!)

🎵Been a bad girl I know I am
                              I'm so hot I need a fan
                              I don't want a boy
                              I need a man🎶
damn right is hot! im about to have a nose bleed from all these.
Nian: A popsicle :3
                              N: Y u so innocent
                              Nian: Heh~ No I ain't b***h~
i had a coughing fit because i laugh too hard at this damn part damn you!!!!
There's a swarm or birds and bees in the attic, go get em tiger!
Nian: Papyrus?!
                              Papyrus: NYEH! YES, MONSTER FRIEND?
                              Nian: *Inhales* You were listening, weren't you?
                              Papyrus: AH, YES! WHY?