pastel prince ; phan

pastel prince ; phan

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[pastel dan/punk phil]

dan howell; an internet sensation, blogger and self proclaimed 'pastel prince'.

phil Lester; the mastermind behind the city, technical crime-lord and overall coffee indulger.

their paths never were supposed to cross, but sometimes paths are never certain.

pastel prince// pastel dan + punk phil//2016

  • citylights
  • crime
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  • detective
  • mikookoo
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  • superhero
  • supervillain
Asmighty61 Asmighty61 7 days ago
i freaking love au's with one of them as a criminal, especially phil, so i know i'm going to love it.
fries4 fries4 Mar 29, 2016
i really really hope this won't end sadly, because THE LAST TWO BOOKS I'VE READ WERE SAD AF.
bisexualpotter bisexualpotter Feb 19, 2016
musictowatchlanato musictowatchlanato Sep 11, 2016
Does anyone hear Robbers playing gently in the background or is that just me
RyanRossTheFairy RyanRossTheFairy Aug 31, 2016
Lmao ik Lackey means servant but my last name is Lackey and so like am I working for Phil cuz that'd be p cool
imsarahthetimelord imsarahthetimelord Jun 28, 2016
"Hey I'm Gay" will literally be someone's coming out video i swear