pastel prince → pastel dan/punk phil

pastel prince → pastel dan/punk phil

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mikayla!!! By colinwilkes Completed

Dan Howell; an internet sensation, blogger and self proclaimed 'Pastel Prince'.

Phil Lester; the mastermind behind the city, technical crime-lord and overall coffee indulger.

Their paths never were supposed to cross, but sometimes paths are never certain.

pastel prince// pastel dan + punk phil//2016

fries4 fries4 Mar 29
i really really hope this won't end sadly, because THE LAST TWO BOOKS I'VE READ WERE SAD AF.
dec28baby dec28baby Aug 09
Lol, why are you guys talking about me when someone wakes me up before 10?
I almost want to stop reading this bc the fact that he's a murderer and they might get together like??
pixelhowell pixelhowell Jul 09
this is kinda amusing because phil irl is literally a 29 year old dork who doesn't swear in front of camera and gives the best hugs and just aH
Does anyone hear Robbers playing gently in the background or is that just me