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Bat Family Problems

Bat Family Problems

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Noreen!! By -CardTrick- Updated Feb 07, 2016

Ever wonder what the BatFamily does. Well this book will tell you some of the struggles.
This will have some fighting in it but mostly weird BatFamily stories.
Note:I do not own any of the BatmFamily except for Kate/Katie/Mystery she is my character that I made up.
Notice: THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS STORY!!! So kick of your shoes and have a laugh!

um........... author-chan should I be concerned for your health. I think you've had too big of a dose of Damian today.
I could just imagine this being a tv show and the part where it says 'oh Tim' I could imagine Grayson saying 'Oh classic Tim'
Huh... I have never seen Damion throw cookies at Bruce in a fic before. Sure, the occasional rock, bullet, fork, or even a boomerang... Never cookies.
izziepzzie izziepzzie Mar 31, 2016
I feel like the added oc character is not necessary sorry but this is just too different to how the batfamily would act
SssJet SssJet Oct 18, 2016
X is some decimal I can't be bothered working out so I'll just copy the answer here x = 11.67
kurama_ninetails kurama_ninetails Jun 17, 2016
The last few words of dialog...isn't that what Bats said to supes in yj about superboy?