Nagisa Shiota X Karma Akabane [Do You Love Me Like I Do?]

Nagisa Shiota X Karma Akabane [Do You Love Me Like I Do?]

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Lena By StarryLight123 Completed

Anime: Assassination Classroom Nickname: AssClass

WARNING: This is a boy x boy

Completed: 9/24/16

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I like gay ships more than straight ships and all the people reading this probably already ship Karmagisa, so warnings aren't necessary
Usassyy Usassyy Apr 04
To me, the fact that karma and nagisa are both boys makes the ship so much better :)
ishipUSUK ishipUSUK Mar 03
Oops I forgot to add... Can it pls be a lemon I have an extremely dirty mind believe it or not...
ishipUSUK ishipUSUK Mar 03
I'm not sure to many people know it but if u do can u pls do a NanBaka fanfic?
hansipie hansipie Jan 23, 2016
if the nickname to assassination classroom is assclass then I have to be in heaven XD 
                              in a good way
StarryLight123 StarryLight123 Jan 22, 2016
                              Lol, if you wanna see how manys days you have to wait, just go to my user I have a count down on days.