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Ke'Von POV

I zipped up my jacket and looked at myself in the mirror. Mmm..... I'm so sexy yo. I'm not conceited I'm just.... I don't even know to be honest. I winked at myself before grabbing my keys and bookbag. " MOM! "

It was quite for a while before she answered." Stop yelling boy I'm right here. " She said while walking into my room. " How do I look?" It was the first last day of school and I was a little nervous. She smiled warmly at me before pinching my cheeks. " You look wonderful baby ."

I blushed and slightly nudged her away. I do admit I'm a bit of a mamas boy. She chuckled slightly before pulling up my pants that were just below my butt. " Now.... Now you look wonderful." She said. I smacked my teeth and laughed slightly." You know how I am." She said with a eye roll. I nodded then looked at the clock by my bed." Okay Mom I gotta go." I said." I cooked breakfast if you want any." She quickly rushed out." No I'm good Ma. Don't want to be late on my first day of being a 1...

idc how cute my bf is. if you hate my gay brother or gay people period i don't wanna be with you
Okayyyy but state one relevant reason why you dont like Jaylen. 😂😂😭
XoxoMelanin XoxoMelanin Apr 10
But then again I'mma be happy with whatever U write so lemme stfu
I love jaylen, laila...... Seems like she's just...... There
He act like gay people bother him that much. He need to chill out fr