Married to My Enemy

Married to My Enemy

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cherryworks_ By cherryworks_ Updated Mar 24

It all started with this stupid fiancé idea my billionaire Dad came up with. 

Now at the age of seventeen, I was going to get engaged to someone. But he wasn't just some random guy. 

He was my number one enemy. 

And as if I couldn't thank my lucky stars enough, I found myself changing from hating him so much to liking him much more than I'd expected. 

Maybe getting married to my enemy isn't so bad after all.

Then again, maybe it still is.


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Is it just me or does her dad talk to her like she's seven? Not that I mind, it's cute, but talking about himself in third person is kinda creepy
He was you first love of course it's going to take some time to get over him and @fictionloverandfan me too it's such a pretty name
ScarlettMcCarthy ScarlettMcCarthy Jan 22, 2016
😣 how could I NOT add this to my library!? I love it so friggin' much! Excellent! *we need more emojis that express stronger emotions, because I'm so excited for this book!* Kyah! 😍
ScarlettMcCarthy ScarlettMcCarthy Jan 22, 2016
Come on girl, have some confidence! You are beautiful! Even if I don't know what your face looks like. 😜😂
ScarlettMcCarthy ScarlettMcCarthy Jan 22, 2016
Wow, they must've been hid it really well for someone not to notice for 2 years.
ScarlettMcCarthy ScarlettMcCarthy Jan 22, 2016
So, is the main character a boy or girl. I'm sorry, I'm just confused.