timeless | sequel | d.w

timeless | sequel | d.w

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But no matter how many years go by, 
they will always find a way back into each other's arms. Their love is timeless. 

[sequel to 'corrupted lungs']

© panicaythedisco

KillerKingDiscoQueen KillerKingDiscoQueen Jul 18, 2016
the first one f ucked me up so bad I had no choice but the come crawling back
jamiealexblake jamiealexblake Nov 10, 2016
how do you say an exclaimation point in a casual conversation like
                              PANIC at the disco
                              or Panic exclamation point at the disco
dallonweems dallonweems 4 days ago
God I spent hours reading the first one and now I'm in bed reading this
leobarrett01 leobarrett01 Jul 11, 2016
Ok, I was freaking so emo at 4 am last night because of the first one, and now I'm back for the second one and I'm scared omg I love this story too much!
                              (I also recommend it to my friend after we had a conversation about how cute Dallon is)
leobarrett01 leobarrett01 Jul 11, 2016
I don't think I will be able to go through another sad ending
sarahatbest sarahatbest Jan 09
weLL FUUCK ME UP THE ASS AND CALL ME TROYE SIVAN cause that just fuucked.mE.UP