Rejected By My Alpha Bully/Mate

Rejected By My Alpha Bully/Mate

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to meet your mate? Having your mate be all lovey dovey with you and spend every minute with you. Well my life isn't like that. I'm a werewolf who hasn't shift yet and possibly never. Why? Well because I got bit by a vampire. Yeah bit but I never told anyone well except my best friend, the Alpha and Luna. Even my brother doesn't know because he is also a part in the bullying. Then just when the soon to be Alpha turns 18 and well he reject me.

"I, Jeon Jungkook reject Jung Tae as my mate and Luna."

But I smirked and stared back with no emotion.

"I don't care. You want to know why? Because I never wanted you as a mate and I f*cking hate your guts."

Hello there! J-HOPE! You'll feel like this until she shows herself, you'll try to get her forgiveness, eventually you'll get it even though don't deserve it as everything will go back to Rainbows and Unicorns
cosmicmoomoo cosmicmoomoo 4 days ago
Angry? Hungry? Yes I'm hangry 
                              I had to do it.       Sorry 😂
Did they know the character was coming or something? Like BRUH! HOWWW!
                              That's what I think will happen since the story line is that of an average werewolf book.
NOoooooooo!!!!! This is not Hobi 😭 I can never imagine him doing this
The funny thing is, most werewolf books start like this xD I'm all good