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Aquariumstuck [Closed]

Aquariumstuck [Closed]

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E By creepypasta1stuck Updated Dec 31, 2016

You got a new job at the most famous aquarium in the country but since you live far away you ask for promotion to 'live' there. What surprises will you get there?

BSValentine BSValentine Jun 09
Dude you have to find an editor for your story bro. But i dont really mind cause "I have a boat to oregano"? XD
SpoopyScaryDooter SpoopyScaryDooter Aug 24, 2016
This may sound rude but were you half asleep when you were writing this? I don't mean to be rude at all, mind you, but I do make mistakes often when I'm half asleep (coughcoughrightnowcoughcough).
OhShitWhat OhShitWhat Nov 07, 2016
It's okay author Chan I know how hard it is two have one of the most confucing languages as youre second language :(
                              (My first being Filipino)
Ariagirl21 Ariagirl21 Aug 11, 2016
Once I get there the first thing I do is
                              1:Hug Feferi
                              2:Say hello to karkat,signless and kankri
                              3:Say hello to everyone else(this includes sea life and staff in the aquarium)
                              4:Hug erifish and wait till he turns into his stingray like form and hug him again
                              5:Hug all the mother fuckin makaras