Prongs' Child {Fred Weasley}

Prongs' Child {Fred Weasley}

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Ivy Potter By iwlupin Updated Nov 01

"You are going to end up with him one day." Marvelle said innocently.

"What?" Ivy walked over to her. "Why him?! I don't like him! He's annoying and idiotic and-"

"You love him." 


Ivy Potter was always a prankster. Her father was Prongs, her godfather was Moony and she spent her first three years of life with Padfoot. Of course she had Pranking in her blood. When she receives her letter from Hogwarts, it's not surprising that she gets detention in the first week.

Fred and George Weasley. The two prankster twins in Gryffindor. They were always Pranking people in the corridors. Of course, they get detention in the first week. Then suddenly, things get a bit competitive between the three. And soon Fred and Ivy have much more greater pranks to show... They just need to get out of detention first.

Most of these characters are NOT mine, they belong to the amazing, J.K Rowling. Ivy, Marvelle, Maria and a few others are mine.
The music, pictures and dresses are NOT mine.

BOOK 2 of the Prongs' Child Series

Creds to @AmazingCheri for the awesome cover!

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NarcissisticAngel NarcissisticAngel Oct 16, 2016
The fact you put  "He's" instead of "His" kind of ruins the effect of the sentence
NarcissisticAngel NarcissisticAngel Oct 16, 2016
Dumbledore ordered it after Sirius was announced a traitor, that's why. This is a fanfiction so it's not gonna stick to canon but this makes Albus very OOC
HP_fangirl HP_fangirl Sep 30, 2016
Im trying to feel emotional but im hiccuping like every 15 seconds...
xMary_MacDonaldx xMary_MacDonaldx Mar 03, 2016
Ooh, I like it; even though Ivy is a Potter, she's A Metamorphagus. I'd like to know why, but I still love it ♥
gamergirlnerd gamergirlnerd Sep 18, 2016
Sirius left to find Peter seriously but Sirius stopped and looked at. The young girl then left seriously
DelaneyEllis DelaneyEllis Oct 08, 2016
Why ishe following Dumbledores orders instead of his friends wishes anyways