Eternally Bonded

Eternally Bonded

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HAPPY DAMN NEW YEARS By PeacefulJoey16 Updated Dec 04, 2016

There is a boy, a misunderstood boy, he wants love but gets hate. He wants compassion but gets disgust. Joey's life seems to be filled with tragedies.

Until one day he might run into some....different circumstances. And his life changes for the better? Or the worse?

I hope you guys enjoy this book this is gonna be fun

Rprescott Rprescott Nov 17, 2016
Alright then even me (who's playing video games 6 hours a day) was playing out side on that age
Islandprincess124 Islandprincess124 Jan 26, 2016
Yass I got to go to school but I had to read this glad I did obsession
Liyahs_Words Liyahs_Words Jan 26, 2016
Already obsessed with this book!!!!! It's so freaking good! <3333