Luma- Sister Of Asgard (Thor/Loki Sister)

Luma- Sister Of Asgard (Thor/Loki Sister)

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Luma-Loki By Luma-Loki Updated Nov 24

"Come on Luma!" Decima cried as she dragged her younger sister along. Luma struggled to keep up with the older ice elf that ran away from the village.

"Where are we going?! What about mother?! And father!?" Luma wailed as pain filled screams of terror could be heard behind them.

"Its to late for them Luma. The Frost Giants will kill us if we go back!"

"Frost Giants?" As the question slipped from Luma's mouth sharp spikes of ice grew behind them as they ran. "Faster Luma!" Decima shouted.

Luma ran with her sister for what felt like forever. Until Decima finally stopped outside a cave. "Luma. Stay in here. Don't make a sound don't come out until I return."

But she never came back.


Deep in the frozen mountains of Aldheim, a young ice elf named Luma runs for her life with her sister. 

But after being left alone in a cave she wanders out and watches the Asgardian army march by. Being found by a kind and caring queen.

madamFinch madamFinch Jun 17
This book is so awesome! I love your writing style. It's very pronounced